Playing Cards with another dimension

Launching December 2022


Anthony Kilna has reinvented playing cards. The Noo deck is a refactor of the standard card deck, by adding a third dimension, color, to the types of cards in play.


In a standard 52-card deck there are two dimensions to the cards: suits (spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds), and ranks (number cards, face cards and ace). The Noo deck reduces the number of ranks to be the same as the number of suits, and then adds an extra dimension (or "attribute") of color.

In a Noo deck, there are 3 attributes: rank, suit and color. For each attribute there are 4 values.

  • For the attribute rank, the values are the numbers 1 through 4.
  • For the attribute suit, the values are the same four suits as a traditional 52-card deck: spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts.
  • For the attribute color, the values are red, green, blue, and black.

The Noo deck consists of every combination of all four values of all 3 attributes. This creates a conceptually isomorphic three-dimensional 64 card deck: 4 ranks by 4 suits by 4 colors. If the word "isomorphic" gives you indigestion, don't worry, it just means that all of the attributes behave in the same way. This means that some Noo games are easier to learn than traditional cards.

Launching December 2022

Patent Pending 63212004